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Just For Fun

Over the years, our pupils have given us some wonderful moments of joy and merriment...sometimes without even meaning to!  We've saved them in a special book and so thought we'd share some of them with you too.

We set weekly fun challenges during our partial school closure to make lockdown a little more fun.  Here's the link to the blog posts.

"Thank you, Sean!

(that's 'Thank you' in German)"

Why is a fish not a producer?

Because it's a penguin.


Let's take your word board to show the headteacher how well you read them?   

Why? Does he not know how to read them?

What noise would a plate make if it fell on the floor?


Are you sure?

A balloon plate would!

What is the special name we have for duck's feet?


I've changed my name to Mario.  Shall I write on all of my books?

So, did Romans have eyebrows then?!

Smile when you see it...

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