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Our policy for children’s school uniform is based on the belief that a school uniform promotes a sense of pride in the school, engenders a feeling of community and belonging, is practical and smart, identifies the children within the school, is not distracting in class (as fashion clothes might be), makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance, is regarded as suitable and good value for money by most parents and has been designed with health and safety in mind. 

Our colour is red and is based on the colour favoured by the Ramsden Family and is therefore in-keeping with the traditional values of the school.  All items of red uniform need to be purchased from our uniform supplier to ensure the same shade of red. 



  • Ramsden V-neck logo jumper/cardigan 

  • White formal shirt 

  • Ramsden striped tie 

  • Grey tailored trousers or knee length skirt (not black) 

  • Traditional red gingham dress (not gingham shorts) can be worn between Easter and October half term (tights should not be worn underneath the dress) 

  • Smart sensible black shoes (not trainers or ballet shoes) 

  • Smart black flat boots may be worn after October half term until the Easter holiday. These must not be Doc Martins, Ugg boots or anything with a steampunk or goth nature. 

  • Black boots may be worn at other times of the year to come to school in bad weather, but children must have their shoes in school to change into. 

  • Whilst jumpers may be removed in warm weather, children must always have all items of their uniform with them in school. This includes jumpers or cardigans. 

  • Tights must be either red or grey, socks must not be trainer socks or footlets.  Plain socks of a sensible colour need to be worn with skirts or shorts but they   need to be below the knee, ankle socks with small bows are acceptable, bows on any other length of sock are not acceptable.

PE Kit:  


  • Red shadow striped shorts  (availble through school)

  • Plain white round-neck T-shirt (generic)


For outdoor PE in colder weather (*Y1-6 only):

  • Red logo hooded sweat top (Gooddies)

  • Red jogging bottoms , white round-neck T-shirt.

  • Sensible trainers (outdoor) or black plimsols (indoor).

  • Football boots can be brought in for sports on the field.




  • Children should have a sensible haircut with nothing shorter than a number 2. No shaved patterns, tramlines or hair dye.  If a child’s hair is too long and is distracting them from working they will be asked to pin or tie it back.  We would also like to inform parents that the style of having very short hair at the sides and back whilst having it long on top will not be regarded as a smart and sensible hair cut. 

  • JOJO bows or any other large or elaborate hair accessories are not to be worn. 

  • Any small hair accessories such as Alice bands etc should aim to reflect the school colours. 

  • Small stud earrings may be worn but must be removed for PE/swimming. These must also be removed by either the child or parent.  

  • New medical rules state that studs are no longer allowed to be simply covered over as this has proved to be no protection. 


Please note that P.E. is a legally required subject and children cannot be excused from P.E. for ear piercing. Therefore, if you are going to have your child’s ears pierced, please leave sufficient time for them to heal. 

  • Watches may be worn as long as they are not too large and are a sensible fit. However, I Watches, Fitbits or other such ‘smart watches’ are not to be worn. 

Make-up or other forms of jewellery are not to be worn. 


Non-uniform Days: 

Sensible clothing must still be worn on non-uniform days.  

  • Tops and trousers must overlap, i.e. no crop tops or any other midriff bearing tee shirts are to be worn. 

  • High heels, Crocs, backless shoes or ballet pumps are not to be worn as these pose a risk when children are playing. 

  • Make-up is not allowed on non-uniform days. 

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