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A teacher has been employed on a tutoring basis to work on identified areas of need from each year group. This person will work with the class teacher to help the children improve on areas that the class teacher identifies. The tutor and class teacher will then monitor the progress that each child makes which will then be recorded on our assessment platform.

  A designated Level 4 teaching assistant who has been ELSA trained will also provide three and a half days per week of dedicated mental health and well-being time to pupils and families. This will ensure that the mental health and well-being of both families and the children will also be viewed as just as important as any academic focussed intervention. This person will have overall coverage of this area and so will get to know all of the children and families and be able to work alongside the Headteacher and teachers to ensure the best outcome for all families.

Assessing Effect

The effect of the expenditure on the education attainment of those pupils at the school will be assessed through extensive monitoring of reading, writing, comprehension and mathematical skills on a more regular basis than the once a term normal school assessment periods.  However, this will be done on a more formative assessment basis with the summative assessment points remaining as once per term. This will ensure rapid understanding of the children who need to catch up and allow teachers to pin point arears where children are struggling.

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